Monday, March 30, 2009

What happened to Emmett?!?!

Emmett was hunting by himself and ran into other vampires (nomads) in the woods. The nomads struck up a friendly conversation and mentioned to Emmett that they were hunting in the area (hunting humans, not animals). When Emmett heard this he asked them politely to refrain from hunting in the immediate area since we maintain a permanent residence here. The nomads did not take this well and felt threatened by Emmett's warning and thus the situation quickly turned into a confrontation. Emmett was outnumbered and was taken by the nomads.

On the second day that Emmett was missing Esme and Bella asked the pack to help look for him. The while the whole pack covered most North East Washington. Bella and Edward go into Seattle and Portland looking for him only to find that idea was a dead end. That same day Jasper comes back from Paris a few hours before Alice. The moment Jasper finds out Emmett is missing, he takes off looking for him. When Alice finally arrives at home, she is greeted by her loving family, but quickly notices Emmett’s absence. She try's to look for him, but her vision is blocked because of the pack tracking Emmett in the woods.

Rose spends her days and nights looking for her beloved, she quickly becomes less hopeful. Jacob finally admits to Bella that Sam did find something but it wasn't a good sign. Carlisle has been spending many late nights in the hospital because of recent deaths happening in the woods near Forks. Carlisle being so observant, notices that these bodies weren't wilderness related deaths. As the murders increase it becomes obvious that these humans were hunted by vampires. In fear that, this may, have something to do with his son disappearance he confides this information with his lovely wife, Esme. Esme decides to go to Volterra and inform Aro of what is occurring in Forks. Carlisle then decides that he should be the one to go to Volterra.

by Esme_in_Forks (with a recap of this weeks post by Bella_in_Forks)

Keeping following our Family to find out what happens...

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