Monday, April 6, 2009

More Cast Changes and Openings

Hello everyone, just wanted to post our current and permanent family members. They are as follows:


We are going to try out new characters this week. They are bellow:


Check back next week to see who is in the family! If you are interested in joining the family please send a DM to @Bella_in_Forks.


  1. DM to bella doesnt work :(

  2. Already got a part,but just wondering if you are needing a Volturi?BTW:it's Irish_Maggie on Twitter

  3. I'm really interested in joining the Twilight Family but DM's to Bella_in_Forks does not work.

    So here is me Twitter address:

    Send me a message if there is an opening.

    P.S: I can always redo my profile to match a characters if needed.