Monday, April 13, 2009

My Gift to you all

First of all I would like to thank @Cullen_Edward21 for all of you help, this wouldn’t be possible with out you! I would also like to thank @Jasper_in_Forks for bringing the idea to my attention. Hours of work and many late nights have been put into this project; I hope you all enjoy it.

3 things you must do when you check out the site:

1-Check out the Main Page

2-Sign up so you can see everything else the site has to offer, including a Chatting Feature.

3-Join your corresponding group, Cullen’s, The Pack or the Denali Coven.

You are the absolute best family I could have found. I can’t begin to express how amazing each of you are:

Our Current Family

Our Pack Family

Our Denali Family

At Last....

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